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DVD SD: Все кончают

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Порно почтой DVD SD: Все кончают
145 руб.
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На диске два фильма:
1. Все кончают (All That Jizz)
2. Дорожное приключение (Bareback Road Trip)

Ты можешь справиться со всей этой спермой?
50 парней в самой большой оргии без презервативов!
Это видео также содержит бонус, наполненный двумя часами выстрелов спермы, отобранных из лучших оргий Бель Ами!

Продолжительность: 5 часов 06 минут.

Can you handle all that jizz? 50 models in the biggest bareback orgy ever filmed!
This special set also contains a bonus disc filled with two-hours of cum shots culled from Bel Ami's all-time best orgies!

Bareback Road Trip, from Punkz Studio, could quite possibly be the most exciting and beautifully filmed bareback film to come out in years. It's all about how young men become sex crazed during road trips.
Away from home, with no friends or fuckbuddies to call on, these guys find themselves yearning for action and relying on the kindness of strangers.
In their sexual desperation, they seize upon every opportunity, humping away like there's no tomorrow.
Their cocks need mouth and ass to fuck, and they yearn to taste another man's cum.
Road Trip is filmed in widescreen and it looks like a million bucks. It's perfectly edited, and there's never a dull moment, since no scene goes on for too long.
The camera explores wonderful new angles on the bodies of these nubile twinks and gorgeous studs.
Monster cock lovers will be in heaven.
There are several huge, thick cocks here that are sheer works of art. Lovers of outdoor action, tearoom action, cum eating, and forced sex will also be thrilled. Yes, some of the sex between them practically borders on assault, but the bottom guys ache for the cocks so badly! There are all sorts of terrific scenarios that keep the action interesting. In one scene, power top Joe Kean picks up two handsome young hitchhikers (Thomas Dyk and Tony Koch), and when Thomas goes into the woods to take a piss, Elliot sneaks up on him to give the buttfuck of a lifetime. Tony finally wanders over to see what's going on, and a cum-drenched threeway begins. In another scene, two gorgeous hitchhikers on leave from the military (Johny Hunter and Kent Roth) go to a highway rest stop and encounter two horny guys (David Dave and Denis Reed) who are desperate for a wild four-way in the restroom.
Elsewhere, a cute twink (Frodo Kaspy) gets pulled over by two hunky cops (Gery Rake and Lubor Turek) for driving without a license, and they proceed to teach him about the law by forcefully fucking his mouth, shoving a night stick up his ass, and buttfucking the living daylights out of him. It's a hair-pulling, face-slapping, relentless assault for guys into power plays. Other scenes take place in roadside tents as well as indoors, and we're treated to marvelous 69ing, snowballing, and power topping and bottoming.
Throughout the film, cum gets sprayed into open mouths.
Sometimes a sticky dick plunges back into a freshly fucked ass. In one case, a guy's mouth gets finger fucked by cum-drenched fingers.
In the film's best cumshot, it's the just the taste of hot jizz that triggers a guy's own orgasm, and we get to see it from two angles (the second angle features no cut-aways, so we see that the orgasm was triggered by genuine passion for cumeating and not some editing trick).
By the way, Joe Kean and Kent Roth sport the most perfect pecs and nips that I've ever seen.
I really can't say enough good about this film from Punkz Studio. This is what filmed bareback sex should be all about.

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